fly like fire

Posted in random on July 18, 2006 @ 10:45pm

I have no idea why you’re reading this, but there you are. You either got here by accident (in which case I wish you the best of fortune in attempting to ascribe any value to the comments of a complete stranger) or by word of mouth or personal recommendation.

If it’s the latter, you might just be interested in my opinion. In which case, go out and get a hold of the TV series Firefly from somewhere, and then watch the movie Serenity. Alternatively, if you can’t get Firefly, go and get Serenity and watch that. (Not saying you won’t desperately want to see Firefly after you’ve watched only the movie, but at least you’ll be motivated by personal desire rather than just random imperatives…)

It’s incredible. I’m not saying it’s perfect sci-fi, but I am saying it is great character development, good locations, excellent dialogue and great effects.

Now, where’s my brown coat?

it’s easy being green

Posted in random on July 15, 2006 @ 1:39am

So I thought to myself, “Self, it’s time for a change.” You see, I was a little tired of Blogger and the unfortunate inability to do anything much at all without difficulty. So I changed the underlying technology of this online presence to WordPress, and I’m quite happy. No more waiting around when publishing, or changing templates, or making style changes, or anything!

Oh, and by the way: Constitutional – P; Equity – C; Commercial Law and the Market – D.

the emperor’s new clothes

Posted in random,reviews on July 9, 2006 @ 3:47pm

I ordered an Invisible Shield for my iPod nano just under a fortnight ago. It rocked up in the mail today, very nicely packed in a padded bag. So tonight I took a deep breath and began the application procedure involving the deliberate wetting of my music-playing 4GB-storing oh-so-uber-stylish-looking friend… Click through for the run down.


what i think i might want just isn’t

Posted in random on June 4, 2006 @ 12:53am

It takes all within to stop me
From breaking all the rules
And doing something rather rash
And fun and better than the mundane
It seems that life’s become of late

Whimsical things

Too hard to calculate
Impossible to feel the right way
When what I think I want is far off
If it is anywhere at all
And clouded by the chance it might not be

If, maybe or when?

And what’s the point of it
If selfishness and pride and arrogance are
All that I’m really holding on to
And everything needs to change before
I’d be even slightly impressed?

That’s just tonight
Five hours’ unconscious bliss until
It’s done again tomorrow
And again tomorrow
And again tomorrow


play it again again sam

Posted in random on May 23, 2006 @ 11:32pm

Where else better to post my review of a product I like? No royalties paid by Sony, I’m just enjoying these headphones (again)…

I am now on my second set of Sony MRD-E828LP earbud headphones, after temporarily misplacing my original ones. (After buying the second set I found the originals – so now I own two sets!)

The shape of the earbud is right for me – they sit well in my ears and don’t cause pain or discomfort unless I’m lying down with them in or have used them for a long time.

In terms of the features, I can present a direct comparison between the MDR-E828LP and the Sennheiser MX-400, having bought the Sennheisers to see if they lived up to the hype. (I since gave the Sennheisers away…) While the Sennheisers feel way lighter in the ear, they’re also a lot less bass-y. Not to say that they’re bad quality – they’ve got a clearer, more airy sound than the Sonys – but they don’t suit my typical listening genres of jazz, classical, house and lounge, and some pop/rock. I like to hear all the way down to the bottom of the bass/kick/cello, and the Sony earbud design helps the buds to have great bass response without needing to switch on bass boost on my player.

And they look good too – understated, unobtrusive, not the “I’ve-got-an-iPod” white kitsch which has been forced upon consumers of late.

I bought my original set of these headphones a number of years ago (Sony have been making these headphones with the exact same specs for a while now) and they still sound excellent. After wearing my new set in for a while, I can’t pick any sonic difference between the two. The only modification Sony seems to have made in the intervening time is to the cord. It used to be a standard black insulated headphone cord, but now they’ve changed to a more rubbery cord. It still winds up nicely but it’s somewhat springy, so it straightens out really easily and doesn’t get tangled as much.

All in all I find that they are an excellent purchase, and at their consistently low price they remain the best price-for-performance earbuds on the market before investing in higher-end in-ear designs like the Shure E3 or E4.