fountains of joy?

Posted in random on August 5, 2009 @ 10:23am

Please excuse the cobwebs and musty smell…

Have you noticed that we type an awful lot these days? When was the last time you wrote a letter by hand? (No, credit card application forms don’t count.)

Well, in an effort to prevent the complete decline of my handwriting skills (which, in their former glory, were something to behold), I went out and got myself a fountain pen. I now write with a fine-nibbed Lamy Vista, using Private Reserve “Midnight Blue” ink. Not only am I writing with much more ease than ever before, I find I am also writing with more precision and flair. The implement has improved my execution, which is just the way any tool should behave.

If you’re curious, there is a marvel of industrialised consumerism available to you: the disposable fountain pen. It is much more than your average biro, and holds up comparatively well against the Lamy. Check out the Pilot V-Pen to take the plunge…1

Thanks to Joshua at Pencraft for taking the time to show me through the range of entry-level fountain pens. If you have any interest in writing and/or fine craftsmanship, I highly recommend you head down to Adelaide Arcade and check out the range Pencraft has in store.

  1. For my extensive US readership, it’s known over there as the Pilot Varsity… []