Posted in random on November 22, 2007 @ 4:54pm

I went for a drive today to run some errands. In a moment of dazzling clarity my mind as good as slapped itself, as it posed to me the question: what are you doing? As I continued to reflect, I realised that while I’ve had a good deal of free time lately, I haven’t done much self-improvement. I was confounded as I contemplated the disparity between what it is that I am trying to achieve with my day-to-day, and the actuality of my recent experience.

Flirting with the suggestions of the repressed and horribly inexperienced inner teenager recently has only left me feeling uneasy, uncomfortable and empty. The truth was as obvious to me then as it is now, but the difference is that now I no longer deny it: I can only live well if I live true to myself.

Whatever your framework for life, be it faithful, philosophical, or philanthropic, I would suggest that the only way to realise the true potential you carry is to live each moment as a clear reflection of your convictions. I believe that, because of my growing relationship with the living God, I am set on a path of great potential – but to experience the realisation of that potential means putting into practise what I say I believe, in each and every moment.

This is a line in the sand.

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  1. Nathaniel's dad said,

    on November 28th, 2007 at 10:01pm

    I recently listened to a podcast that talked about “Automobile University”. The term was used almost as a throwaway line so I went googling to see if it was a real place or just an idea or philosophy. It turns out that it is an idea that has some good basis behind it. (If I remember correctly), the average [American] person drives 18,000 kilometres a year which if you were to turn that into time spent learning would mean that you could do the equivalent of a 3 year Uni degree in about 5 years. Some people listen to audio books. Other people use it to learn languages. I like to podcast sermons and business stuff. One thing is for sure, there are a lot more productive things you can do whilst driving along that are less dangerous than using your phone or eating McDonalds!!

    There are heaps of good speakers that you can podcast for free – Bill Hybels, Phil Baker, Andy Stanley, John Maxwell, Tony Campolo, Hillsong Sydney & London, etc.

    Of course, it does raise the question of learning styles (audio, visual, kinisthetic). Clearly, this idea would be more beneficial for the audio learner but still has benefits for the others too.

    PS – I like the beach pics!