romanticised ideal

Posted in random on August 6, 2007 @ 6:39pm

I have said goodbye to some
In the last short while
Bid farewell to one without
So much as a smile

Overwhelmed by the magnitude
Of all I had and lost
And what I wouldn’t do
To have them back at any cost

But perhaps indeed just some of these
Were only in my mind
Dreams and visions, hopes and plans
Each precious in their kind

Transfixing on the size and scale
Of all to be achieved
Immobilised and so unsure –
How can I best succeed
When all around is dismal past
And romanticised ideals?
Struggle through the joy and pain:
How should they really feel?

And now, quite unwillingly,
I’ll acquaint myself again
With solitude and distance
Far more foe than friend