mic it right

Posted in random on October 30, 2006 @ 10:28pm

Michael Buble has a special live DVD included with his album “Caught in the Act”. I mention this because the Yamaha grand piano on stage is mic’d perfectly. Oh what I wouldn’t give to have a sound man mic up a real piano such that playing it would be as effortless as I see it on this DVD.

Told you it’d be random. It’s all in the name really…

as crystal

Posted in random on October 30, 2006 @ 10:07pm

The last week and a half has been a unique period of life. Strangely, this seemingly arbitrary time frame is quite prominently delineated in my recent memory and awareness. Allow me to put together the pieces.

I fell somewhat ill a few weeks ago, with very unpleasant headaches and nausea. I am a fairly healthy person most of the time, probably due to my recent efforts at eating well. However, the ever-increasing struggle to continue persisting with mundane Uni study did not combine well with a couple of late nights and this concurrent health dip. The late sleep took my body clock forward with it by approximately two hours. I find that I am more intellectually alive at 10pm than 2pm, so this nocturnity quickly worsened an already loose circadian rhythm and became an unwanted jet-lag, only without the Kodak moments to sweeten the bitter.

However much we attempt to deny it, our daily activities have a tendency to define a large proportion of our identity. With Uni going so slowly and unthrillingly, I became mired in it and suffered a great deal of transference.

Circumstances fell together like reverse footage of spilled rice, presenting me the chance to watch “V for Vendetta”, starring Hugo Weaving and Natalie Portman, a number of times within a fortnight. I tell you, it is an excellent presentation of the dystopian/utopian dichotomy. Weaving is fabulous as V – to perform the masked role for film and still have the audio come through clearly he had to subsequently overdub every line, evidencing consummate skill and evoking intense emotion. Portman doesn’t disappoint us either, with a convincing and clever return to edgy film making. I benefited from this film’s intellectualism and open morality, because it meant I had to actually do some introspection of my own. Vivified, indeed.

In that movie there is a moment when V stands before a jukebox, and Cat Power’s haunting cover of “Found a Reason” begins to play. This beautiful music struck a chord with my melancholic side, pushing my emotional banality past the vice of my situation and reminding me that intense romanticism and healthy expansive emotionalism is still possible.

During the middle of my recent dark time I went away to Mylor with the Clovercrest and Para Vista Lutheran young adults, for a Getaway weekend. I gave myself the freedom to ignore all outstanding work and stress, and, being charged with the task, instead focused on setting up a high-quality musical, technical and ultimately worshipful production. And while I was busy with leadership and music, my keenest priority for this weekend was to escape from it all and centre myself. The opportunity to play keys and sing just to attempt to express part of my faith in God was a great one. Can’t put it into words. However, I was able to put into words some of my reflections on life and the status quo. I came away from that weekend feeling incredibly refreshed and uplifted.

Still, Uni was still incorrigible and still, I was still not 100% on my game. Something was amiss, and I was under a cloud for two weeks following.

This obstinately optimistic fixator could have told you before it all went downhill that things always improve. Well, that they did. My health began restoring itself, my mind clearing more and more each day. And then like a change of season, but over two days, everything became clear, as crystal.

On Saturday night I went with a group of great friends to a formal ball at Blackwood Hills Baptist Church, entitled “Moves and Grooves”. We danced! This evening presented a perfect relaxation opportunity – such fun to share such fun with high quality people, and to do something a little uncommon. With the conclusion of that night came the conclusion of my ill feeling and the beginning of an unravelling understanding of the immediate future and the excitement it holds.

It’s clear as crystal – things always improve. Only now, things are already so good that any improvement will be out of this world. I can’t wait.


Posted in random on October 30, 2006 @ 8:58pm

About a week or so ago I was having breakfast with a friend (incidentally, at a fine establishment called Chianti which is on the east end of the Adelaide CBD). The occasion was enjoyable, and it has started a chain reaction of thoughts which bring me to this fixation.

I am [still] studying Law at Adelaide Uni. This is the way things have been for almost four years now. However, this semester has been the most unrewarding one in terms of the quality of the coursework and the [lack of] stimulation in the material. It has taken what seems like an æon to get here, just one week away from the end of semester. But still, I’m excited about the potential to which this time of life alludes.

That’s also why this fixation is entitled “voltage”. You see, voltage is a difference in potential between two points. A volt is a measurement of energy – if you apply that potential difference to an appropriate object, you will instigate a change which arises due to the exercise of that potential.

Yes, dear reader, this is an object lesson…

The appearance of life-to-come is one of potential difference. I see the future spreading out before me with the opportunity to maximise my potential. This is an interesting and exciting proposition, because it means that my choice of daily occupation can have very little to do with the prestige, power or money it returns. Rather, I can continue to strive to maximise my value, not according to the scale of the capitalist world, but according to the only personal measurement system which can pertain to a unique creation – my own.

big shoulders

Posted in random on October 18, 2006 @ 8:55pm

I did something today which I don’t usually do – I sat down and chomped into a McChicken Meal at McDonald’$. The burger was about as fast-food-ish as I recall it; it was over 9 months ago that I last had one. Have you ever noticed that the continued operation of the multinational empire (at least in Australia and the USA) rests on the shoulders of young people?

Ever imagined your parents working not at a desk job, but in front of the broiler at HJ’s or behind the counter at KFC? It’s hard to imagine them coping with the frantic pace and awful conditions. If that was the state of the workforce at large, there would be an uproar.

So why is it that there aren’t more self-actualising Gen Y’s out there?