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Posted in random on January 15, 2006 @ 8:14am

Following our Parisian jaunt, we returned to London having planned to get away to Bath and Salisbury. The hire car was upgraded (again!) from a Vectra to a much larger Renault 5-speed with many bells and whistles. There was a lot of touring around the countryside, a lot of driving on the British highways and a lot of exploring overnight accommodations. Breakfasts were in the true English style, either with cereals, toasts, croissants and tea or the full English breakfast of sausage, egg, bacon, mushroom and tomato.

The touring was par for the course, with many crumbly buildings and a couple of guided tours through the respective cities. I now have my own pictorial collection (royalty free!) of Stonehenge, and out of about 20 shots I got one which worked in Cafe Nero, which, I can finally say, was my favourite coffee franchise during my time here.

An interesting highlight of the British highway system is the high quality rest stops which are spaced about 50 miles apart. The one we visited, called “Welcome Break”, had a full food court with KFC, Burger King, some delicatessens, a small shopping spot and a game hall. Outside was brilliantly landscaped with a running water feature and tall green trees. Wow.

And now, the end is near… We’ll visit Hillsong London tomorrow morning and then we’ll begin our 24 hours of transit time to get back to fabulous Australia. I’m looking forward to coming home.

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