Posted in random on July 29, 2005 @ 10:43am

Well, what a whirlwind! Granted, a month’s pause is the longest hiatus I’ve permitted for my auspicious online journal (is my readership’s lack of clamour due to its trepidation or its lack of number, I wonder?). Still, much excellent quality stuff has happened since.

Exams have taken place and I have been satisfied (while not actually impressed) with my results. Looking forward to a great semester focusing on the corporate side of Law and the strategic side of Management. Quite enjoyable subject matter, ay.

Finally I’m able to express myself musically on a live stage in a way that brings consummate joy to my soul. Behold, Roland RD-700sx! It’s a fabulous piece of tech and, in all seriousness, I’m so blessed to have it. Yours truly will review it on Harmony Central before long, so stay tuned. I’ve also been recording with my UA-25 from Edirol, and I’ll be getting my Gator case soon. The first produced work is a 30-second jingle, with triple cheese! Now I’m currently working on another track with a kind of laid back, house-breakbeat feel. Bring on the Wurly…

Getting real close to microfoam with my Carezza. A couple of latte rosettas had to become swirly hearts at the last moment, but the journey is part of the enjoyment. Never mind that every “failed” piece of visual art remains a sensory delight for the tastebuds.

With the right motivation and a generous serving of wonderment at the unknown, it is a superb time of life to be so alive. Keep smiling all.

many and varied

Posted in random on July 2, 2005 @ 2:28am

Sensitivity for the appropriate timing of considered deference is of paramount import for the leader. Considering his proper place is made easier when observing the contrast from the shadows.

Character is more desirable than beauty; tenacity more than vapid smalltalk; intelligence more than all riches.

Low expectations mean nothing less than selling out, despite the ease of apparently immediate results.

Just. Breathe.