Posted in random on May 14, 2005 @ 1:50pm

I make the active decision, now and continually, never to lose the sense of wonder at all the truly wondrous things of life. Retain the wonder, and eliminate the chance of ever becoming hopelessly mired in the banal repetition of the day to day.

espresso scripture

Posted in random on May 14, 2005 @ 1:27pm

I laughed aloud when I read it, and so I will share this with you:

Tarry thou not to count the seconds, neither cast thy glance onto thy cup, lest thou displease the espresso gods. But fix thy eye instead upon the goodly flow that issueth forth from thy portafilter. Let not this flow persist onto its paling. For to drink of the pale flow is an abomination onto the espresso gods, who will curse thy taste buds onto the seventh generation. Instead, end thy shot when the flow paleth, and thou and thine tastebuds will be blessed unto the end of thy days.

Paradventure thou findest that thy cup is lean; setest thou thy grinder to make a rougher meal of thy coffee. Paradventure thou findest thy cup overflowing, setest thou thy grinder to make a finer meal of thy coffee. For it pleaseth the espresso gods that the flow paleth with the filling of thy cup to its measure.

And if thou wouldst dwell in the land of espresso, serve not unto another an espresso thou wouldst not drink thyself. For remember thou wast once a stranger in a strange cafe.

(Apologies to Moses, King James, and Monty Python.)


Posted in random on May 2, 2005 @ 12:31pm

You know, life never gets less interesting, does it? Things are ridiculously busy at the moment, there’s just so much going on that anything more would be the end of me. Doesn’t mean I’m not having fun, it’s just that any extra ongoing responsibility would roleplay the mouse symbolically climbing up the back of the camel…

Piano lessons, friend’s wedding preparations, live music at church and elsewhere, dancing lessons, part time work, full time Uni, Hillsong planning and a trip to London!

My quick closing remark, enunciated offhandedly at some unearthly hour by a wiser man than I, has a brevity that belies its depth. All my busyness will always be an expression of my freedom.

“You’re not imprisoned unless you don’t feel free.”